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December 21, 2010 Leave a comment

The site epitomizes the need for a partner in life with whom you can share your griefs and happiness, I consider myself to be fortunate few who have a understanding partner. We love like love birds and fight like tigers, every day is new day for us. In this path we have traversed so far we have met people who have variant opinions and who by their words/actions have made us think and realize more about the importance of a partner in life.

Here is a beautiful lyrics from the song from even more beautiful hindi film Bemisaal, these lyrics keep us going together even after 12 yrs of marriage:

Ae ree pawan dhoondhe kise teraa man

chalate chalate baawaree see too khile, kaun hain teraa sajan

Baadal se teraa kyaa hain kuchh naataa kaahe zoome, naache gaaye, aaye jab saawan man ke dwaare se

choree chupake se sapanon kee too paayal baandhe, gujare chhananan chhan

Yek akelee too, meree sahelee too jisakaa koee saathee naahee, usakaa kyaa jeewan